FINALLY finding Louisville’s 1964 New York World’s Fair Triceratops!

In 2016 I posted about the Sinclair dinosaurs featured at the 1964 New York World’s Fair and my quest to eventually track them all down. In some ways, it was a celebratory blog as I’d just seen the first two outside my Chicago where “Archie” the duckbill has resided since I was a kid. Finding the T-Rex and Apatosaurus in Glen Rose, Texas was great but not my first attempt at finding one. Earlier in 2015, I was traveling through Louisville and searching all over an industrial park in search of the elusive Triceratops. This dinosaur spent some time in the Louisville Science Center before being sent into “storage” a.k.a. a parking lot in an industrial park. At the time, I was on a tight schedule and unsuccessful in finding the Triceratops in the short window I had. I’m happy to say that my second attempt last weekend was much more fruitful.

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Welcoming Safari Ltd.’s 2018 Triceratops!

Coinciding with the release of their new Regaliceratops, Safari Ltd. is releasing a brand new version of the world’s most popular ceratopsian of all, Triceratops. The beast was first discovered back in 1889 and has the distinction of sporting the largest head of any known land animal; at about a third of its length. Triceratops is without question a North American classic and no stranger to the Silver Screen. In fact, I noticed one running in the trailer for the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It’s a good bet that every dinosaur model collector reading this already has a replica of this animal in their collection which begs the question whether this one warrants you adding another. To this question, I would give a resounding. YES.

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A Royal Welcome to Safari Ltd.’s 2018 Regaliceratops!

If you love ceratopsian dinosaurs as much as I do, there’s no better time to be alive. With forty recognized species since Triceratops back in 1889, half were discovered since the year 2000. Considering the diversity of their signature horns and frills, it’s no wonder toy companies have been working hard to keep up and get their likeness on store shelves. Enter Safari Ltd.’s 2018 Regaliceratops; a nice follow up from last year’s Einiosaurus  and hopefully a signal that the company plans to make new ceratopsian models an annual tradition. But before we take a look, let’s discuss its dino-inspiration…

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The Dinosaur Journey of Western Colorado Showcases America’s Best!


Whenever someone mentions “the Old West,” I’m always more inclined to think about Allosaurus and Utahraptor as opposed to cowboys and Indians. The American southwest is a treasure trove of fossil discoveries and this past summer I finally made my way there. During that trip, I had the privilege of seeing several different dinosaur-themed attractions; most of which that were unplanned. One of the last ones I saw specifically highlighted the prehistoric animals that once lived in this region and appropriately called the Dinosaur Journey of Western Colorado in Fruita. What was intended as just a quick stop to stretch our legs ended up being a morning of discovery!

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