Safari Ltd.’s NEW 2018 Armagasaurus is one Flashy Forager!

Argentina has seen some pretty impressive dinosaur discoveries including the largest sauropods on record (Titanosaurs) and a theropod larger than T-Rex (Giganotosaurus). While “bigger” tends to get the most attention in the dinosaur world, “weird” ain’t so bad either. This brings us to the subject of today’s featured model, Safari Ltd.’s ALL-NEW 2018 Amargasaurus; one long-neck dinosaur you’d have no trouble picking out of a line-up. This is in no short thanks to two rows of spines that protruded from the creature’s neck. Unlike the immense Titanosaurs, these sauropods were relatively small by comparison; serving a different ecological niche. As of this date, there’s only been ONE Amargasaurus fossil ever discovered but a nearly complete one at that. Consequently, one of Argentina’s most unusual dinosaurs is also one of its best known. Continue reading

Safari Ltd’s 2017 Kronosaurus: Toy Titan of the Deep!

With its head the size of an adult human, and reaching over thirty feet in length, there’s little doubt that Kronosaurus was one of the top predators of the Cretaceous. It was also one of the largest short-necked pliosaurs; carnivorous marine reptiles that thrived in both the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. The folks at Safari Ltd. recently released an equally impressive representation and I was eager to get a closer look at this menacing sea monster!

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