Illinois’ Dryptosaurus Stalks Lake County Museum

Due to erosion, fossils from the Mesozoic Era are largely missing from my native Illinois. Despite no dinosaur discoveries, Paleontologists are still pretty sure they were here – reinforced by species of the same dinos found above and below us. One of these is a theropod called Dryptosaurus; a dinosaur I’d never heard of until last week after receiving my monthly newsletter from national horror host, Svengoolie. In it, the man who designed a gorgeous replica of the animal was posing next to it at a museum I’d never heard of despite being just an hour north of me. It was time for another Prehistoric Pit Stop…

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What are the Cincinnati Mammoths? (Hint: it’s not a sports team)

Before heading back to Chicago, my family and I stayed overnight in Cincinnati so we could visit their amazing zoo and say ‘hello’ to their celebrated hippo, Fiona. With a few minutes to kill before the zoo opened, we took a quick Prehistoric Pit Stop to an industrial section of the city to see a family of woolly mammoths. These beautiful, lifelike statues proudly stood in front of the city’s Natural History Museum before the building shut down and the museum moved to a new center in 1990. The mammoths were built in 1980 by artist, Neal Deaton.   

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Safari Ltd. vs CollectA: Mammoth Mash-Up!

As promised, I’m going to pit the CollectA Woolly Mammoth I reviewed recently up against Carnegie Safari Ltd.’s from years back. I’ve owned the latter since its release – well before I starting collecting. It used to sit on my home computer and merged two of my loves; elephants and prehistoric animals. There have been other woolly mammoths released by other companies but I never felt they came close to matching this one. This all changed when CollectA released their recent model as I was taken in by its pose and sheer bulk. Once it arrived, I had to decide whether it was worthy of dethroning the old mammoth and becoming the new king of the console. The decision proved easier than I thought…

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